Investment Options


This involves investing your Account in a range of funds within a fixed investment pattern, which reflects your age and the number of years to go before you plan to retire. Your Account will automatically switch funds, in line with the fixed pattern, the closer you get to your chosen retirement date. The Lifestyle option aims to match your changing investment needs throughout your working life, by aiming to achieve a good level of return for younger members, while protecting funds from a fall in value for members approaching retirement.


This involves you choosing which funds to invest in from the range of individual funds.  You can invest in one or more of the index-tracking funds, which aim to produce returns in line with the respective market.  It is up to you to regularly review your investment choices before you retire, and to make sure that you adjust your investments to suit your lifestyle and your attitude to risk. You will be responsible for managing your own investment strategy.  
You will pay an investment management charge for each of the funds that you invest in and this will differ according to which funds you have chosen. The charges are contained within the unit price and are listed below against each fund option.

Funds Fee % p.a
Aegon BlackRock Aquila Life 50:50 Global Equity (BLK) 0.09
Aegon BlackRock Aquila Life 30:70 Currency Global Equity (BLK) 0.09
Aegon BlackRock Aquila Life Over 15 Year UK Gilt (BLK) 0.10
Aegon BlackRock Over 15 Years Corporate Bond Index (BLK) 0.08
Aegon BlackRock Aquila Life UK Equity (BLK) 0.10
Aegon BlackRock Aquila Life Over 5 Years UK Index Linked Gilt (BLK) 0.08
Aegon BlackRock Cash (BLK) 0.095

Managing your investments

If you decide to take responsibility for your own investment strategy in this way, then it is essential that you manage, and adjust as necessary, your investments as you get closer to your expected retirement date. We suggest that as a general rule, you should review your Freestyle investments at least once a year to ensure that they remain appropriate for you